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Engineering Solutions for Every Industry

Trusted engineering consulting for diverse industries. At RAG Engineers, we provide top-quality services that meet your unique needs. Our team offers project management, structural and mechanical engineering expertise to solve any challenge.

Why Work With RAG Engineers?

At RAG Engineers, we bring over 30 years of project management experience to provide high-quality services to various industries. Our team of engineers and project managers is skilled and experienced, enabling us to deliver exceptional results for your project’s success.

We prioritise safety, quality, and environmental sustainability by following strict protocols throughout every project. Our safety checks identify and mitigate potential hazards, while our quality checks ensure all deliverables meet required specifications. We’re also committed to minimising environmental impact by reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting sustainable practices.

Whether your project is large or small, trust RAG Engineers to manage it with the highest standards of safety, quality, and environmental sustainability.

Our Engineering Services

Discover our engineering expertise. RAG Engineers provides tailored consulting services in project management, structural engineering, and mechanical engineering to help you achieve your goals.

Engineering and Design Services

At RAG Engineers, safety, environmental, and quality checks are at the core of our engineering and design services. We specialise in providing safe and sustainable engineering solutions to clients in Scotland and beyond. Our experienced team of structural engineers has the expertise and knowledge to design, analyse, and evaluate a wide range of structures, from commercial and industrial buildings to bridges and infrastructure.

Project Management

RAG Engineers provides top-notch project management services to help clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Our team of experienced project managers will oversee all aspects of your project, from planning and budgeting to execution and delivery. We use industry-standard tools and methodologies to ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Resource Management

RAG Engineers offers comprehensive resource management services to help businesses optimise their workforce and improve efficiency. Our team of experts will analyse your staffing needs and provide customised solutions to address any gaps or challenges you may face. With our reliable and cost-effective resource management services, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the staffing and workforce management.